Avocado Toast.

Preface: Hi, I’m Kevin, and if you couldn’t tell by the title of this post, I am from California. I’d like to give a warm welcome to everyone who is going to read my blog during this trip. As a precursor to save y’alls time, writing isn’t my forte… so if my words do an injustice to these beautiful cities, just know I am sorry. However, this will be my best attempt to put my spastic thoughts on the blogosphere and try to add some entertainment. 

Good day readers, it’s Tuesday, April 8th, National Empanada Day, welcome to the blog. 

I think the gift of CR is found in the inability to prepare for it. When people prepare, expectations are set, and expectations are not always met. My biggest intellectual growth occurs when I am thrown into unexpected situations and am forced to adapt and learn. No class can prepare me for the navigation of a 39-minute layover at DFW airport (wish me luck). No book can prepare me for the eerie silence that stifles Dachau. But, then again, I wouldn’t want it to. I want to experience and be fully invested everywhere I am. 

While I am so looking forward to expanding my worldly view on life, the thing I am most excited for is spending 26 days with 17 other accomplished individuals. All 17 people on this trip have different strengths that make us who we are. From Dr. P whipping out his knowledge and connections on us, to Claire and Lauren never failing to make me laugh, to Brent’s weird facts, to Kight’s never ending shade and laughter, to Harris ripping it on the sax, everyone provides unique qualities/personalities that will allow me to understand Europe in different perspectives. 

I was also told to write about Florence and talk to past CR members about the favorite parts of that city. “The natural beauty is something that really makes Florence memorable”, outdoorsman/JPL intern/CR 8 member Cooper Gould told me. Cooper’s Colorado roots made him appreciate different aspects of the beautiful city compared to CR 9 member/Caravaggio appreciator Madeline Pitcock. Madeline could talk for hours about Carvaggio, how he revolutionized the art world through making it real, how he wanted to bring a human side to it, proving that each member of CR provides a different perspective on what they love and appreciate about each city. 

So, in the end the only thing I can really expect is the unexpected. Bet you didn’t expect that. 🙂 

And while I am (somewhat) prepared for beginning this journey with 17 other extraordinary people, there’s one thing that Europe can’t offer me… BLUU food. 

That’s all for now.

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