Dr. Pitcock is Santa

December 18, 2018 was the day that Christmas came early. On that day, CR 11 received the news that we would be going on an ~experience~ of a life time. I still do not think that I have fully wrapped my mind around the fact that I will be in Europe in a little more than a month. And I do not think it will be real until I am there.

As we were welcomed into Cultural Routes, we became a member of the Familia. When you put the word “familia” into google you receive the following:

a household or religious community under one head, regarded as a unit.


We became a unit of 18 (we can’t forget Dr. P. and Ms. G) on that day. Under Dr. Pitcock’s guidance, we will get more out of this experience than would be possible if we went on our own. Being in the Familia is 24/7 and as I get to know the other members before we leave I already want it to be 25/8. Becoming close with every single of them is a goal that I know I will achieve. The other members of CR 11 are truly some amazing people that all have something that makes them special. With Kevin’s light-up shoes and Claire’s dance moves, this will be quite the experience for everyone.

Berlin? I’m ALL IN!

The first stop. If you look to the right of this text box you will see what I will be doing in just 36 days as I board the plane. And I cannot wait!

To me, it is weird to think that only 30 years ago Berlin had a wall separating the east and west sides. Even weirder is that David Hasselhoff, star of the hit show Bay Watch, was on top of the wall singing as people were tearing it down. The world of celebrities and wars/hate collided for one of the biggest events in the 80s. West Berlin called it the “Wall of Shame” until the people had enough. Pieces of the wall still remain and provides a constant reminder of past actions that should not be repeated. Finding out more about this is something I am looking forward when we get to Berlin.

When I asked a CR 10 alum about Berlin, she laughed for a while before saying anything. She told me that while exploring Berlin, they got a little off course. As they were walking around, they found themselves going down a giant slide inside of a mall, which was not on the itinerary. She recounted that it was one of her favorite moments because of the spontaneity and randomness of going down a slide in the heart of Berlin. These type of moments are what makes CR what it is.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to adding my own memories to the Familia and exploring stunning cities with a group of fantastic people.

Catch you later,


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