Focusing on Relationships

I think I have made a discovery: the closer we get to Cultural Routes, the more we talk about it. Just today, I have had 5 separate conversations with people about this experience. Even still, putting my excitement into words hasn’t become any easier since we joined our familia in December.

When people ask me what I am most excited about, how do I explain that this whole journey is already sweeping me off my feet. Everything abut this experience is unfamiliar and normally I would be afraid of taking a leap of faith. But for the first time in my life I am genuinely excited to be pushed outside of my comfort zone.

If I had to pick however, it wouldn’t be just one thing I am excited about; it’s actually 17. I am so excited to get to make connections with and better understand the other students and mentors that will enjoy this challenging experience with me. All in, all the time requires support and I am so grateful that I will get to develop that support within my familia.

Cinque Terre

Nestled in the hills that meet the quiet coasts of Italy lies the picturesque Cinque Terre. This conglomerate of small villages has always been a relatively private and uneventful place, providing an interesting juxtaposition to the bustling histories of Berlin or Rome. In doing an investigation of this city, the one thing that continues to resonate is the uniqueness of this place.

Amid the hustle and bustle that is CR, the stop in Riomaggiore acts as a window into a different way of life. From experiencing the culture of a small town and recognizing the importance of the strong connections we have built to taking the time for self-reflection and discovery, the stories of Cinque Terre certainly seem to show a city that leaves a vivid impact on the participants of CR.

“The people of Riomaggiore taught me to take it easy, focus on relationships, and take it one day at a time”

Audrey Payne CR10

I can’t wait to find out how our familia dives into the experience that the oasis of Riomaggiore can provide, and I am curious to know what transformations will occur for each of us as we move from this city into the second half of our once-in-a-lifetime experience.

While we only have 36 more days until our planes land in Berlin, our unique experiences of this journey have already begun.


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