Roma… my future homa

Dear reader,

Hello. My name is Sarah Covell. Freshman. Nursing major. Theta. Horned Frog. Friend to all. Familia to CR. Amateur blogger. And when I say amateur, think of the least amount of experience possible and divide it by, like, three. I do not consider myself a writer. I disliked my english comp classes in High School GREATLY, but I do consider myself an adventurer. Someone who likes to try new things and challenge herself. Or at least that is someone I’d like to be. So here goes…

We were told to write what we are most excited about for CR. How do you say “everything” in European? I’m kidding. But also I am not. There are so many aspects to this experience that it is hard to pin down just one thing I am most looking forward to. Every time we have a meeting I learn something new about Cultural Routes and how much deeper it actually goes than just traveling around Europe. I also learn a little more about my peers that makes me eager to dig deeper into each other’s lives. So to narrow it down for the sake of my blog post, right now I am most excited for this group of people to transform into a true familia. I feel so lucky to know that these people are going to become some of my best friends for the rest of college and probably the rest of my life after CR. I already genuinely admire and look up to every single one of them so much.

If you could not tell from my title, the city I was assigned to pre-reflect on is Rome. I asked CR9 member Mackenzie Warren about what to expect from this city. She told me that Rome’s rich history will allow you to literally walk back in time and get lost in the past. I do not know much about Roman history so you can catch me in the lib brushing up on it these next few weeks. She also reminded me that it is the last stop on Cultural Routes. Everyone will be exhausted, homesick, and out of money (or maybe that’s just me), but by this time we will be a Familia. We will be cherishing the remainder of the time we have abroad together and looking forward to the time we will share when we get back. I intend to make this a lifetime experience. CR11 will not end in Rome for me. I am so pumped to take these relationships that we will build back to TCU and continue to learn and grow alongside these people.

I hope that these blogs will get better (or at least easier to write), but for now I am still learning how to add images. At least I figured out how to do the big letter at the beginning. See you guys in a few weeks, or in the Milton lobby.


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