April Fools

Hey pals!!! I thought I only had one pre-reflection blog to write but April Fools! I’m back!

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane:

On April 1st of 2019, Lauren Klingemann pulled not one, but TWO successful April Fools pranks on me. I guess you could say I’m gullible. The worst of which was a text to all of the CR11 students to let us know that she would no longer be able to join us on CR since she had been offered a research internship in Nebraska. Thankfully, this was quickly followed with an “April Fools” text, but for those five minutes, I really thought that she was choosing Nebraska over Europe. I should have known that this simply wasn’t logical from that fact alone, but despite the absurdity of the situation, I fully believed her. (So did Kev, but that’s a story for another time)

Flash back a few more months:

On December 18th of 2018, I received a video of Santa Claus telling me I would be a part of CR11. I remember having a mixture of emotions; everything from joy, to nervousness, to absolute excitement about the adventure ahead. But above all else, I remember being in complete shock. Cultural Routes was no longer an unreachable dream, but real dates on the calendar. The thought of actually going on CR was incredibly surreal, so much so that I thought it was a joke. It seemed just as absurd that I would be going on CR as it would be for Lauren to choose Nebraska over Europe. I was patiently waiting for the “just kidding” text as I let the reality of this dream sink in.

Flash forward to now:

It’s May 2nd of 2019, and I have less than two weeks until I get on a plane to the greatest adventure of my life. A lot of my emotions about CR have changed; joy is always increasing, nervousness is slowly dwindling, and I’m so excited that I think I might explode. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the surreal feeling that I will actually be learning first hand what Cultural Routes is all about with the most incredible familia TCU has to offer. Thankfully, unlike Lauren’s internship, CR has yet to be followed with “April Fools.”

Flash forward 14 days:

On May 15th of 2019, CR11 will meet Dr. P at the Starbucks in the Berlin Airport. I can’t even imagine how much joy we will have. Nervousness will be inevitable, but nothing some gelato can’t fix. And, if I haven’t already, I will actually explode from excitement. The dates that I marked on my calendar in December will finally be here, and we will actually begin the dream that is Cultural Routes.

April is over fools, and I CAN’T WAIT to be all in 24/7 with you, CR11.

All my love,


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