See You in Berlin!

Dr. Pitcock uttered this exciting sentiment with a grin at the end of our last breakfast meeting. In eight days, I will be walking through the Berlin airport with my trusty sidekick Emma Kight to find Dr. P *somewhere.* (Just kidding, he told us where he would be. No mysteries yet.)

So, I have been prompted to reflect on the day I was informed of my unparalleled summer adventure and contemplate my goals for Cultural Routes and my time in the six cities.

Again, I am known as the CR11 student with the least expressive video response. Undergoing wisdom teeth surgery, getting violently ill from medication, and opening the text from Sarah Goldberg while my mom left me in the car to run into Walgreens admittedly did not make for the best circumstance to receive some very good news. Dr. P and the others who have seen my video laugh about my unenthusiastic conclusion, “Thank you and have a merry Christmas!” Honestly, no one’s could top Claire’s seconds-long video of screaming and tears. My excitement came much later as those who knew I applied began to pry about the results, and I realized the gift I had been given. Today, I am excited for the adventure, frantic about studying and packing and a quick turnaround, but overall so thankful for the opportunity.

This opportunity. One to learn the rich histories of some complex cities. One to work toward an understanding art, physical landscapes, infrastructure, and people. One to develop lifelong relationships with people who have ridiculous potential to achieve much in this life. Cultural Routes, rightly so, should not be called a trip, as urged by Dr. Pitcock. Although I have not yet experienced CR, I know that it will increase my intellect and so much more.

I fully expect that CR will thrust me out of my comfort zone around every turn. Adventuring through Europe for my first time excites me beyond belief, and I hope to be overwhelmingly grateful at every site we visit. I hope to embrace the idea of sharing these experiences with the group and the intimate relationships gained from shared and unique experiences. I know that I will learn much, and I hope to remember the small facts and the big ideas gleaned from both planned and unplanned learning moments. Besides the goals I have, I know that I will grow in ways impossible to contrive before the experience.

Here we go! Next time I write, I will be far away from Milton Daniel Hall.

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