Cowboy Boots and Lederhosens

I am currently sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth airport reminiscing on my first year at TCU. I could go on for pages about how transformative this year was for me, but I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. So if you know me, you know that I love to film random videos. Please enjoy one second from every single day of my freshman year at TCU.  

good times great memories

If you survived all 8.5 minutes of that video then props to you. One day that stands out among this entire video is December 18th, 2018. The day that will go down in history as the day I found out I was going on CR11. I woke up and within seconds after hearing the news I was jumping around my room screaming in disbelief. I didn’t even get the part where Dr. Pitcock said he wanted a reaction video because I had already started filming. The level of excitement I felt on that day has only escalated since.

I depart for CR in just 2 days which means I have 48 hours to pack my entire life into a suitcase… challenge accepted. Even with all of our meetings and chats with CR alum, this experience is still a mystery to me. I am not really sure what is going to happen, but for me that is the beauty of it all. I will be pushed to seek discomfort and really grow as an individual as well as a member of the familia. My goal for CR is to be all in 24/7. I know this is something commonly said on CR, but it is much easier said than done. As someone who is constantly seeking adventure, CR is going to be the perfect experience to truly dive into each city and explore it fully. I want to take time to enjoy every moment as it comes and not just live in the anticipation of the next exciting adventure. This means NO REGRETS!!!!!! The only regret I have right now is not going to the gym as often this past semester to prepare for this journey. Most of the times I went was to eat rollin and bollin butttttttt we will ignore that because the smoothies were fantastic and the streets of Europe will be my gym for the next month so the no regrets policy starts NOW!

I am not afraid to make a fool out of myself (woop woop big surprise), and I want others to feel like they can be their authentic self when they are with me. Dr. P always says that we were all chosen as a group to go on CR and there is a reason we all belong. I am excited to see how we all fit into the CR puzzle and make some crazy memories along the way. In just 2 days I will be running in slow motion through the DFW airport to meet the folks who are flying with me to Europe. This is it. This is CRazy. Let’s do this.

Currently trading in my cowboy boots for a lederhosen,


munchin on a dorito at the milton yule ball

Song of the day: Good Day by DNCE

Song of the year: Better Not (feat. Wafia) by Louis The Child

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