Back to NYC

With the beginnings of CR being just two short days away, I can’t contain my excitement. It feels like there is so much to do in the little time we have left before our first day in Berlin. It’s strange to think that this experience began almost 5 months ago with 1 video and 16 unique reactions.

The wonderful surprise of CR became one of the most exciting parts of my winter break. The second I saw Dr. P pop up onto my screen, after a cryptic message from Santa Claus, I let out a pretty loud shriek of excitement. The only problem was that my mom and I were in Bloomingdale’s New York, and I drew just a little bit too much attention to myself. After spinning (quite literally) around the store a few times, I was finally able to quiet down enough to watch the video in its entirety. The next few hours, I talked of nothing but my immense excitement and eagerness to have this experience of a lifetime. This excitement carried straight into my reaction video in front of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and has continued to be an incredible motivation throughout this semester.

The packing for this journey began the second I got home after my 13 hour drive from Fort Worth (actually it started weeks ago thanks to my mom: Happy Mothers Day!) Now, instead of skipping through the streets of New York, I am frantically running around my home trying to make sure I am ready to spend the next 3 weeks of my life in an unfamiliar place. As I make sure I have my life together, I am trying to reflect on some of the goals I have as I embark on this journey.

Comfort in the Uncomfortable. Throughout this experience, I would like to learn how to push myself out of my comfort zone. CR is, in itself, a world of unknowns and I am excited to take this first leap into discovering how to explore the unexpected.

Expanding my Horizons. Beyond expanding my horizons quite literally as we step into another country, I also want to expand my horizons on a personal level. Every single person joining me on this experience has a unique story that I want to be aware of and understand. I also want to expand my horizons regarding my personal growth. I hope to come away from this once in a lifetime opportunity with a better understanding of my quirks, my passions and the ways in which I can contribute to the many groups of unique and interesting individuals I will have the opportunity to encounter throughout my life.

The next time I am in New York will be this Tuesday as I make the trip to Berlin. I know that I will be filled with the same exact excitement that I had almost 5 months ago, but this time, I’ll only have to wait a matter of hours before I begin this incredible experience with mi familia. Until then!


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