“If you say Orange very slowly it sounds like gullible.”

Good day readers, it’s Sunday, May 12th, National Nutty Fudge Day and Mother’s Day, welcome to the blog. 

Quick shout out to all the mom’s out there, without y’all we literally couldn’t go on this amazing experience. 

We applied to CR before we went on Winter Break, knowing that the decisions would come out during the break. 

I was in Costa Rica when I received my text message from CR alumnus Davis Donaldson. He shared a video and message with me which said, “The Beta communication team created this Eta Eta chapter year-in-review video to send into Nationals. We are trying to get some eyes on it from the freshmen PC before we send it in. Could you take a quick look at it and give us some feedback as soon as possible?”

I watched the video with a critical eye until Dr. Pitcock showed up on the screen where I paused the video and replied to Davis, “Why are we sending a Christmas themed video of Dr. P to nationals?” (ok maybe that didn’t happen) BUT, after Dr. P exclaimed I was accepted to CR I was filled with excitement and astonishment because of the overwhelming number of other qualified honors candidates that applied. That video was a very humbling experience for me to watch and I was on a high for the rest of the day. 

Part of the instructions in the video is to make a reaction video of your excitement (No, this will not be posted. I was shirtless and speaking Spanish) and to call Dr. P to secure your spot on the trip, however, not having cellular service I was unfortunately unable to call him. Let’s just hope that I won’t be ditched in the middle of the English Garden in Munich…

Fast forward 2 weeks. 

When I got back to the Fort for the beginning of the semester, I was stoked to see my other fellow CR members on campus. 

Then, April 1st came. To see that disastrous event please visit Cooper’s latest blog post, “April Fools”. If you don’t visit, here’s a quick summary: Lauren could make an appearance on Impractical Jokers. 

And also, I’m still salty from April Fools, so I hope you attempted to read my title of this blog. 😉

Next, I am stoked (yes, I’m from California) to go on this adventure. Up until college, I have never been much of a person to live hour-to-hour through meticulous planning. I embrace living more spontaneously and attacking adventures as they arise. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so I like unexpected mental stimulation.

In all sincerity, I am most looking forward to spending my time with 15 other amazing students. The beauty of college is that it provides a place for a conglomeration of thoughts, experiences, intellects packaged into extraordinary people for them to share. I’m excited to unravel and delve into my companions, because I really do have much to learn about the world around me, and more importantly the people that will make it better. 

That’s all for now.

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