“I’m going to be late to the dentist!”

December 18th was supposed to be a pretty boring day. I had a dentist appointment at 10 and after that I was just going to relax at home. However, about thirty minutes before my appointment, my mom called me into my older sister’s bedroom. When I got in there, they requested that I look on my phone for Christmas gifts for my dad. I was confused at this because everyone in my family knows that I am the worst giver. I tried to decline and leave the room, but they insisted that I would somehow magically know what to get him. As I am looking on the Orvis website for a gift, I get a text from Olivia Wales, a CR 10 alum, saying that she hopes I was having a great break and to watch a video. I pause my shopping and immediately watch the video. While this is happening, I notice that my sister is indiscreetly video taping me and my subsequent reaction to me learning that I would be going on CR11! Later, I found out that Olivia, who is friends with my sister, let her know before I got the text so she could film me. I was so shocked and excited when I found out, however, my sister was definitely the loudest one screaming.

Then came the video. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew it had to be grand. My mom and sister suggested that I jump in our pool fully clothed with “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang playing in the background, so that is what I did. Now recall, I have a dentist appointment in five minutes and I am soaking wet in my backyard. I call Dr. P, then I dry off as best as I can and run to my car. As I am driving, I get a snapchat from Claire O’Connor because she had just been added to the groupme and she saw that I also got it. This was my reply: me smiling at the dentist (where no one ever smiles because who likes the dentist?) but I just could not be happier.

please note the still wet hair

As I am writing this, I am thinking back on this past semester. Walking down the halls of Milton Daniel and seeing my fellow CRers was always one of the highlights of my day. If I saw Claire, we would dance at each other in the hallway. If I saw Lauren, I would without a doubt receive a hug. If I saw Kevin, we would give each other a high five, just to name of few. While I had know most of them from living in the same hall, I now felt bonded with them. Just a few days ago we all departed TCU and instead of saying goodbye, we all said to each other “see you in Berlin.” It it CRazy to think that the next time I would see this amazing group would be in Germany.

Getting to know these people and making memories with them is a goal of mine for this experience. Traveling and living with them for almost a month is an opportunity that I will forever be thankful. I truly can’t wait to become better friends with each and every one of CR11. Another goal I have is to take in everything I see in through my eyes, not my camera. While I recognize that I will for sure be taking pictures because after all we will be traveling around some amazing cities, I do not want it to consume all of my time. I want to be engaged and I cannot do that while staring at my phone. It is going to fly by and I do not want to miss a minute of CR!

By this time tomorrow, I will be headed to the airport to meet up with Gabby. I cannot believe that it is already here.

Catch you later,


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