Say what?!

Throughout CR I have been writing down iconic quotes from everyone. Presented here today are the out of context quotes from Berlin. Enjoy!

Madelyn: “I have $100 in my bag… should I convert it into pesos”

Peter: “what the heck it is 2:30 in the morning” *it is actually 9am*

Kevin: “why are you bald? Better aerodynamics?”

Claire: “can I rip that schnitzel off?”

Connor: “I want a street wiener”

Emma: “to think I just walked through the place Hitler and Neapolitan walked too”

Dr. P: “some of us are frat”

Claire: “I don’t care what we eat… I’ll eat pig dust”

Brent: “big girls don’t cry”

Gabby: “I think I should grow my armpit hair out”

Brent: “sí”

Gabby: “my brother shot a squirrel in my backyard and I ate it”

Sarah: “I’m not saying i have beef, but I did order the knuckle”

Harris: “he was like a retired ninja turtle”

Harris: “just buzz a little bit with your throat growl”

Peter: “lets just say the horse was out of the bag”

Griffin: *soft senti voice* “I’m just enjoying the grass”

Griffin: “is it ok if I take my socks off? I like to keep my shoes on though”

Brent: “they better not put a uv light in that place”

Chloe: “I think all I know about Ireland is the lucky charms guy”

Lauren: “I’m yeeting”

Kevin: “that’s with two C’s not a Q”

Kevin: “bro… do you wanna shape my head?”

Brent: “Kevin is describing his ideal husband just calm down”

Everyone: “debit or credit? CHIP”

Harris: “it’s going full chip”

Until next time,


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