Teary-Eyed Thoughts from a Bavarian Beer Hall

Tonight was both challenging and eye opening in the most beautiful way. The conversations that I had tonight pushed me to think in ways that I never have before, and enjoy doing it. This experience is showing me not only who I am as a person, my strengths, and my weaknesses, but also why I am that way. And when I say “this experience” I mean the people around me more so than the locations and monuments that we get to see. I am by no means devaluing the places that we get to travel to and learn about, because those places have their own meaning and value and are a privilege to visit, but I am quickly starting to realize just how central the relationship component is to CR.

I keep telling people that it absolutely blows my mind when I think about how close we’ve gotten over the past week or so, and how I literally cannot even imagine what this group of people will look like at the end of the month. I truly believe that everyone comes to CR with the same ambition to get to know deeply the rest of the seventeen people with them, and if you didn’t come in with that mindset you can’t go one week without having your world completely rocked and wanting to dive into the hearts of every single human here. In some ways that was me in the beginning. I would have never expected to grow so quickly and deeply in a relationship, or that I was even capable of doing so, but tonight I found myself tearing up while talking to Kynnedi and Peter in the middle of a Bavarian beer hall.

CR kind of sneaks up on you. You’re never ready for what it’s going to reveal to you or who it’s going to introduce you to next.

This was kind of a short post, but I was in my emo feels and I wanted to write this down.

Much love for you and the Familia,


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