Geeking Out

Being passionate about something, no matter how obscure, can instill passion in someone else. Never was that truer than the final two days we spent in Berlin

On Saturday, we attended a Bundesliga match between Hertha BSC and Bayer Leverkusen. I understood that the majority of our group had no interest in attending a soccer match, but it was amazing to see them feed off the energy that was in the stadium. Seeing the passion that these people had for their respective clubs carried everyone through the full 90 minutes, no understanding of the sport required.

On our last day in Berlin, we visited The German parliamentary building, the Reichstag. The Reichstag has a free standing glass dome that weighs 12,000 tons. This amazing feat is achieved by using 9,000 tons of steel supports which hold the glass in place. The free standing glass dome is not the only amazing engineering feat of the Reichstag. The top of the dome is also open to the elements, so there must be a way to drain rain and snow. The designer added a funnel under the hole in the dome to catch the majority of precipitation. As for all the water that misses the funnel there is a nonpolar coating on the floor, which slants slightly downward towards a grate that connects to the funnel. The water is then repurposed to help heat the building. In terms of light repurposing, the Reichstag has many mirrors placed around a central tower to redirect sunlight into the main area and disperse sunlight throughout along with solar panels to generate electricity.

Nerding Out with ConnorNerding Out With the Whole GroupConnor Nolan, a fellow Engineering student, and I were geeking out about the Reichstag. We were amazed at how impressive the building is in that the structure can support the 12,000 ton roof and that it relies heavily on renewable resources. While the rest of the group might have not fully understood why these features got us so excited, our enthusiasm was contagious and smiles quickly spread from our faces to theirs.

Finally, a word for anyone who will be on CR tomorrow or in 10 years, mindset drives the quality of CR day in and day out. Each day of CR is a choice between two options. Are we going to let our feelings dictate our emotions, or are we going to make a cognizant decision to dictate our emotions. Excitement breeds excitement and lethargy creates lethargy. Our emotions dictate the path of the group because they are contagious. Choosing to be in awe of all CR has to offer and choosing to be excited about applying outside knowledge goes a long way for group moral, overall.

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