“Are we there yet?”- Ice Cube

This is a question I have not and will not ask on this experience. Not knowing the itinerary has helped me realize to just appreciate what we are doing in the moment. On walks to dinner, we are led by Dr. P and we are not told our final destination. Following him like little ducks in a line, we are always happy with his choice.

Munich was quite the adjustment from our starting point in Berlin. Simply navigating the S Bahn and U Bahn completely changed. Along with the difference in the maps (that did not make much sense). When Team Hohenschwangau was coming back from a day of adventuring, it was very busy on the trains and we knew we would have to squeeze in there (even more packed than on the way home from the soccer game). Well, as we split up to find room, one member unfortunately did not make it on the train. Were we all pushed up against the glass or each other. I’m pretty sure that I was grabbing onto Lauren for stability. We realized he wasn’t with us, but after a hot sec of freaking out he came strolling out of the next train. You never really know what will happen on these trains, one must always beware of tricksters, as they say.

On the trains is where we tend to have our loudest moments. Growing up in San Diego, I never took public transportation and it is easy to forget that others are around you. This is not an easy feat when you are surrounded by a group 18 and 19 year-olds around you.

Claire in her natural habitat

Trains are also a great place to catch up on sleep. As Kynnedi famously said: “I can sleep fast on transportation.” On the way back from the castles, almost every single one of us was asleep (you can see a really cute pic of Connor and Brent cuddling on this train on the CR Instagram). In my personal experience, the night train is a great place to sleep. When I woke up with a cold the morning of the night train, I knew that I was for sure going to sleep despite the rumors of the ultimate bonding experience that occurs that happens on the train. Getting to sleep for the better part of 9 hours was a blessing, and while I was kind of bummed that I was missing out on the group hang that was going on in the room next door. Waking up in Munich the next morning, feeling a hundred times better, I know the sleep was definitely worth it. As I am writing this, we are on a train to Interlaken, Switzerland and you guessed it, most are asleep. Here is an example:

Sorry Lauren

As a whole, being on the night train is like being in the twilight zone. Here are some thoughts that ran throw my head as I periodically woke up throughout the night:

  • Which way are we moving?
  • I feel like I have been asleep for at least 4 hours. *checks phone* It’s 11 and we boarded at 9:45.
  • What was the loud noise? (The window has slammed shut)
  • Where is that singing coming from? (From everyone in the room next to me singing Pretty Boy Swag because they are all super ~cool~ people)
  • It’s gotta be at least 5 in the morning now. (It’s 2am)
  • The Conductor: “breakfast time” *hands me two pieces of bread* Me: ummm danke?

And if you are wondering, yes. They did take videos of while I was sleeping!

Five minutes later I would be asleep

For much of the journey, I was quite confused as to what time it was. I was constantly thinking that time was moving faster than it was. Time in general on CR is moving faster than I want it to. How in the world am I on a train to Switzerland right now when just yesterday I’m pretty sure I was taking my microeconomics final. The third city to coming up fast. This is both one of the most exciting and sad things. I literally can’t wait to continue on this experience and see what else I will discover. It is sad because that means we are almost half way through and have to leave each other soon. I hope that never comes, even though I know it will. But just as this moved fast so will summer and then we will all be back together again!

I would like to give a special shout out to Claire and Kynnedi for being great roommates in Munich! I will never forget walking into the sauna that Kynnedi made in the bathroom and not being able to see and Claire numerous alarms (all with different sounds).

Catch you later,


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