gerMANY Reasons to Smile

Hey pals!!! I am currently on the German/Switzerland boarder on a train to Interlaken. Reflecting back on Germany, there were a lot of unexpected trials: heartbreaking museums, train rides the wrong direction, and so much reading that words started to jumble together. But at the end of the day (or 9 days to be exact), Germany brought so much joy into my life. I’ve learned about other cultures, explored beautiful places, ate incredible food, and formed lifelong friendships with the people around me. In order to give you a glimpse at exact moments that I will hold onto forever, here’s a list of the gerMANY things that have made me spend 95% of the last 9 days smiling.

Lauren Klingemann’s six minute long hugs

German train assistants that give out hand fulls of chocolate

Madelyn singing Danke Schoen

Claire’s sweet and hilarious CRinstagram posts

Stories of fourth grade Griffin

Late night conversations with Peter

Bea’s independence

Kevin’s laugh

Finding Connor at the right place and the right time

Being sung happy birthday by an entire German pub

Dr. P getting kicked out of dinner

Making Kinesiology jokes with Harris

The picturesque landscape of Germany

The quote book

Scoring a double room with Gabby

Anything Sarah says

Raising our soft rocks

Talking ballet with Chloe

Dance parties at Mexican restaurants in Europe

Emma’s sarcasm

Brent initiating me into the kiwi club

Melted German chocolate

Screaming “AUSGANG” whenever possible

Coffee shop chats on rainy days

Bike rides, tree climbing, photo shoots, and power naps in the park

Waking up early to read the Bible with Brent and Peter

Seeing how much coffee I can consume in 24 hours without going into cardiac arrest

Everyone handing me their extra chocolate because they know my obsession

Gabby secretly buying me birthday pancakes

Having fruitful conversations with Kynnedi

Learning about leadership from Taylor

Naps on the train

Dr. P and Bea doing whatever they have to in order for this experience to be successful

Chats in cabin 6 with Dr. P and Peter

Experiencing my first laundry mat

Watching Brent’s face light up while watching the surfers in Munich

Cartwheeling in every city

German public transportation

“CRegend has it…”

Learning something new from every cultural experience and growing from every conversation

I know this isn’t the most eloquent or insightful blog post out there, but this is what I will remember about CR. Germany was simply amazing, and the people I got to experience it with are nothing short of incredible. I am so grateful for these memories that I will cherish forever. Switzerland, you have some big shoes to fill.

All my love,


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