Tears on the night train

When Ozzy Osbourne wrote the song Crazy Train, I think he was inspired by the CR night train. Packing 15 (Emma was passed out next door) rambunctious and sleep deprived college students into a closet sized room made for 6 is bound to be a good time. In a triple bunked bed, we shoved 5 people on the bottom layer, 2 on the middle layer, and a whopping 8 people on the top.

The bottom half was jamming out and sharing their unique taste of music. The jam sesh on the bottom half was very different from the tears flowing on the top tier. And when I say tears I am talking about Harris bawling his eyes out from laughing so hard at his own joke. Let’s just say Connor’s future wife better be good at Fortnite.

The night train was quite the adventure. I built stronger connections with everyone and started to understand why and how they function. I have learned that the key to being all in on CR is being vulnerable and aware. You may get asked a difficult question while eating a schnitzel at dinner, but answering that question with an open heart is what has made this experience phenomenal. My most meaningful conversations have developed from a simple question that turned into a genuine interest in the life of the other person. As well as being vulnerable, being aware is something that is very important. Something I didn’t really know I struggled with before CR is being aware of the little things happening around me. CR has opened my eyes to really understanding the importance of living FULLY in the moment. With that comes understanding where you are, who/what is around you, and how you can leave that place better than when you arrived. Whether this is becoming friends with a waitress in the Hard Rock Cafe because of her perfume and pitchers of coke (picture below), or knowing which train station is your exit, this idea of being aware plays into everything. I am trying my best to balance the vulnerable aspects of CR alongside the awareness that comes with this experience. Being more vulnerable and aware is what I look forward to translating more into my life after CR (sad). But for now, I have this unique opportunity to understand the core of these 17 other humans and that is just so exciting.

My love for everyone grows exponentially and I can’t wait to spend more busy days and sleepless nights with these people! Thank you CR11 for the laugher (sometimes a little too much!! Sorry Dr. P!!) and senti moments, y’all are truly some of the most caring people I have ever met and I can’t express my gratitude for you all.

The night train was amazing, but there is no reason that every night can’t be like the night train. If you ask me, CR is just a constant night train full of some of my best memories.



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