A Whole Lot Of Highs And Not So Many Lows

Interlaken has been the most breathtaking city both from its pure beauty…

and from trying to breathe while falling out of the sky.

I was going to write this blog about the highs and lows of Interlaken, but I quickly realized that the only low we’ve had was a little dispute over the washing machines with some fellow hostel stayers. So here are the many highs of Interlaken!!


Skydiving was by far the craziest thing I have ever done. We started by taking part in the most dangerous part of our skydiving experience: driving to the drop zone. After getting some quick training on good skydiving technique AKA forming a banana with our bodies, we suited up.

We then met our skydiving instructors. Andy was the best and was very experienced, as he has been skydiving almost 15,000 times. We boarded the plane, took off, and soared until we reached an altitude of 13,000 feet. Then, it was time to jump out. Watch the video to see my many emotions as I fell through the beautiful skies of Switzerland.


After skydiving, we took to the canyons of the Swiss Alps! The best way I’ve heard canyoning described is white water rafting without a raft. We rappelled down cliffs, went down natural rock slides, successfully completed Superman jumps, and swung around the sides of the canyon.

Exploring the Swiss Alps!!!

Today we explored the Swiss Alps by walking through fields of wildflowers, hiking up mountains, taking gondolas, and enjoying the beauty and power of Trummelbach Falls. I was in absolute awe as I experienced the most stunning mountains, clouds, streams, cows, goats, waterfalls, and flowers.

Interlaken has been the city where I have felt most connected to the rest of CR11. Experiencing the natural beauty of the land around us really allowed us to free our minds and spend quality time with each other. Also, there is something about facing fears that bonds a group of people together, and that is definitely what Interlaken did for us.

Overall, my time in Interlaken has been characterized by facing fears with those who mean the world to me. Love this familia from the bottom of a canyon in the Swiss Alps all the way to 13,000 feet up in the sky.

Sending love from Interlaken,

Lauren Klingemann

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