“I lived”-me to my mom over text

Before CR, I had never heard of Interlaken before. I didn’t even know what country it was in. However, as we were pulling up to the train station, I was in awe. But also, a tad confused. I one hundred percent thought that we were staying in some mountain town and would have to scale mountains to reach the hostel. I was misunderstood what Interlaken was: a gorgeous storybook town that is surrounded by massive mountains and lakes on all sides.

Directly in the center of the town is the field that paragliders land in. Chocolate shops line the wide sidewalks, Swiss Army knives are in every store window, and you can use a geocaching app to find a gazebo on the side of the mountain with CRazy views.

Our dinner the first night was graced with the presence of a yodeling club that sang beautiful songs for us as we ate. The authentic Swiss fondue definitely has a somewhat ~interesting~ taste. The next night was some of the best Thai food I’ve had. My Pad Thai was amazing, but I don’t think anything could top Connor’s Red curry. I was pretty nervous about the food I would encounter in Switzerland because who know what kind of food the Swiss eat? However I was very pleasantly surprised at what I got!

There were a lot of surprises in Interlaken. One was that we were able to sky dive. The weather forecasted for that day said 100% chance of rain, so we all thought it was going to get canceled. When we showed up to the hanger, it stated to rain pretty hard. However, after about an hour, we were given the all clear and proceeded to jump out of a perfectly good plane, as my dad likes to say.

Landing in the field was probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had because 1. I didn’t die and 2. All of my friends were cheering for the first group of jumpers and ran and gave us all hugs. The first 5 who jumped all looked at each other in amazement that we just did that. The next 5 started their walk to the plane and I looked back up to the sky and truly could not believe that I just fell from 13,000 feet up in the air. As the next group jumped out of the plane, those of us in the ground could just barely see them free-falling. Then Claire landed. She was still screaming with excitement and started crying. She never had ounce of fear as she ausganged it out of the plane. It was remarkable to see.

Post skydive

After skydiving, we thought that what better to do than to continue hurling our bodies through the air and go canyoning. Throwing my self down a canyon of rushing water (safely) into a ~proper~ washing machine was almost scarier than skydiving. As I superwoman dived into water, I thought to myself: if I miss the guide’s hand then I hit the rocks and it will all be on me. With skydiving the guide did all the hard work, I just had to banana (read it with a New Zealand accent). I never thought I would do either of those, but hey if I’m going to do them I might as well get it all down in the span of about 5 hours. (The title of this blog is what I sent to my mom after I survived the jump)

After the washing machine

Sunday was a gorgeous day of of hiking through a mountain of waterfalls and gondola rides to the James Bond filming locations. The views were stunning and looked as if they were photoshopped to be there. Looking around, I have had never felt luckier. I was with an amazing group of friends in the Valley of 72 Waterfalls with the goal of just taking it all in.

I am now on the train to Cinque Terre and can’t wait to see what other surprises I will encounter.

Catch you later,


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