The Balance of Life

Our time in Interlaken was short but sensational. After the rush of the big German cities of Berlin and Munich, the peace and natural beauty of Interlaken were more than welcome.

Interlaken’s natural beauty

Interlaken has something that every city around the world should strive to obtain: a healthy balance between developing the world around them and keeping nature in its original state. The city has all the modernization it needs with stores, shops, schools, neighborhoods, the occasional gas station, and places for tourism. Interlaken does not lack anything that it needs for its people to thrive, and it still leaves plenty of beautiful green spaces and hardly leaves any pollution. So many cities all across the globe continue to spread and sprawl without regard for the environment and natural beauty around them.

Our adventures in Interlaken are unlike anything I have done before. Some of them, such as an impromptu yodeling concert at a local fondue joint, will be impossible to replicate elsewhere. On the more adventurous side, I got to hop out of an airplane. They say a picture can speak 1000 words so I’ll just leave this here.

As an entire group, we traveled to the peak of Schilthorn in the clouds. Even though we couldn’t see the view of the other mountains in the region, we still saw the endless expanse of clouds that stretched seemingly forever.

All these experiences are unique and special, but everything that happened in Interlaken contributes towards a greater mission of cementing the relationships we had been forming since Berlin. Even though everything we did was very different, they all are great for strengthening bonds by providing shared incredible experiences.

Another place we visited was Trummelbache Falls. There were many crashing waterfalls such as this one that come from three different glaciers melting down onto the mountains below.

Here’s something random I thought about in the caves of Trummelbache Falls. Life is very much like a waterfall. Both are fast-paced, constantly flowing, powerful, dangerous, and beautiful. Waterfalls provide water necessary for life, but if you stand directly underneath it to drink, you will be overwhelmed by the force of the water, similarly to how life can be overwhelming when you try to do too much at once. Being someone who often gets caught out in the daily grind of life during the school year, Interlaken showed me the importance of being present and taking in the moment around me before it is gone. Remembering this and diving deeper into the new relationships I have with everyone on CR will allow me to get the most out of this experience before it is gone. With three cities down and three to go, we are halfway finished with CR. It feels like I have already experienced a semester’s worth of learning since May 15th. I can’t wait to see what Italy has to offer and finish the second half of this experience the right way.

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