An Attitude of Gratitude at any Altitude

Hey pals!!! We are about to leave Interlaken and let me tell you, this city has been absolutely incredible. From the moment the train pulled into the station, it was as if all of CR11 cried tears of joy (some of us literally) from the beauty surrounding us. Interlaken is the perfect setting for tranquility. The valley nestled between two blue lakes and staggering mountains will literally take your breathe away. It is one of those scenes that causes your issues to feel so minuscule in comparison to the vastness of the world.

For myself and a few others that I had conversations with, Interlaken caused us to think about just how lucky we are. It’s hard to look at such a beautiful scene of mountains and not feel like your whole life perfectly culminated into that exact moment. Every moment in Interlaken felt like a gift, and I truly think that everyone was grateful for the moments that we had there. This concept posed a question in my mind: how can we change our gratitude without changing our altitude? Don’t get me wrong, everyone on CR11 realizes how indescribably blessed we are to be here, but there was something about Interlaken that really drew this notion out of us. So how can maintain the attitude of gratitude in the midst of the business of other cities?

My answer: it’s a group effort based on accountability. While we were canyoning in Interlaken, it hit me just how much we really need each other. Flowing down a rocky river is impossible without other people to help pull you out of the current when the river starts to sweep you away. I think this is the same for gratitude; when life is whisking us along from one thing to the next, we need each other to keep ourselves grounded and remind us of the beauty in staying still.

The rest of CR11 has pushed me to be present with them no matter where I’m at. With people like this around me, I don’t need to see a picturesque landscape to know that I’m in the presence of something wonderful. CR11 is built up of the most amazing individuals and I’m so blessed to experience the highs and lows of life with them. I know that these people will keep me accountable to have an attitude of gratitude at any altitude. Try and say that five times fast.

All my love,


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