Quote book: Munich moments

The CR11 quote book has been a vital part of our experience, capturing moments that reveal our true colors. Please enjoy some Munich quotes with an extreme lack of context!

Peter: “I gotta get my tea in there so they think I’m cultured”

Harris: “it’s only lost if your mom can’t find it”

Claire: “I like your guitar”

Claire: “apparently guys don’t pee their pants”

Dr. P: “Kevin that photo is so slap”

Brent: “the pursuit of getting pitted gets me up in the morning”

Kevin: “on your right you see a castle. It’s got some rocks”

Harris: “I sure am a hungry boy”

Harris: “Peter just made a deposit”

Claire: “I just wanna make sure she has that gal pal squad stuff”

Sarah: “I draw the line at the pisser”

Sarah: “innocent playfulness is my middle name”

Gabby: “she thicko mode in the best way possible”

Peter: “you know that could be us too”

Connor: “we were in this handbell tower in London”

Sarah: “it’s like going on a date with your mom”

Kynnedi: “it was pleasant”

Griffin: “I was in 4th grade and I took a selfie”

Claire: “my math teacher set me up with my prom date”

Claire: “I just can’t picture you in a high school body”

Lauren: “IDK why but I just love everyone so much rn”

Claire and Dr. P: “he’s got a backbone made of… fried rice”

Dr. p “he’s like a morning ninja”

Kevin: “sidewalk chalk man… it hits differently”

Dr. P: “there is no one out there for you”

Brent: “I have really warm extremities”

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