The Little Things

Yesterday’s travel day home was a long one, but not as long as some of my fellow CRmates who couldn’t fly into DFW due to freak weather. 

Good day readers, it’s Monday, June 10th, National Egg Roll Day, so it seems like the perfect day to egg ROLL out another blog post. Oh boy…

I have to be honest in today’s blog. I have never been the type of person to be enthusiastically engaged in museums. They stifle my 5 year old, loud, ever-moving self. Through years of education, I have figured out ways to pass the time and learn a little, but I never got as much out of them as I should, until this experience. 

I forget who, but someone on CR told me a tip, something along these lines. “Not everyone is going to love everything we do on this trip. People will have interests which draw them to different things. The way to learn in situations that are not in your primary interests, are to become interested in why others in your group are interested.” 

Sounds like a tongue twister, right?

Well, that tongue twister completely shifted my mental perspective and perception on how I went into museums. I began to as my classmates questions in museums about what interests them and why, and in result, I began to find a deeper meaning to a lot of works of art.

In the Uffizi I decided to put to use what I was told earlier, getting interested in what other CR’ers thought was interesting. After observing her awe at this photo for a hot minute, I asked the contemplative Chloe Creed (as a writing major, she’ll appreciate my attempt at alliteration) her thoughts on this photo. 

She doesn’t know it, but what she said in response made me approach the rest of the museums I went into far differently. 

What she said went along the lines of this. “This painting is amazing because it shows the mastery of paint knowledge. He depicts the anatomy of both a human and bird perfectly, which is simply remarkable. Also, if you come down to the right, it looks more normal because it used to be hung in a church, which I think is super sick.” 

The reason why Chloe’s above comment was so revolutionary to me was because it was… hers. Let me explain. I find myself always wanting to know why behind everything, to understand the big picture, but sometimes there isn’t an answer to all my questions. Sometimes you have appreciate the smaller things that life throws your way. From this, I started to approach more paintings and sculptures differently. I went from not understanding the big picture, to appreciating little things, like beautiful brushstrokes in a painting or the waviness of real-life clothing, carved out of marble. 

Florence helped me grow in that way and begin to see the joy everyone else got out of same places I was in. I’m excited now and can’t wait to attack Rome.

Find joy through the little things in life. 

That’s all for now. 

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