Hey pals!!! I am writing to you from my very last CR train exploration. I’ve grown particularly fond of European trains so this really is a sad moment. Somehow I have managed to keep my rail pass this entire time, which is honestly quite an accomplishment for me seeing as though I have left about every other valuable object on a train. It turns out remembering to grab the things I put under my seat isn’t exactly my strength. 

With this in mind, Florence has flooded me with thoughts of remembrance. Along with the fact that I need to work on remembering the things I bring on trains, seeing the beautiful ways that people choose to remember the past through artwork has also caused this theme for Florence. While walking through the Uffizi, I had a particular fascination with the paintings of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. While they could definitely be viewed as morbid, I found them incredibly beautiful when you consider the fact that this was the artists’ ways of remembering the sacrifice that their Savior had made for them. This was a timeless way for the artist to worship Jesus.

Another catalyst for analyzing remembrance was a question that Dr. P asked a group of students at dinner, if you could be remembered for only three things when you die, what would you want them to be? Thinking about my own answer caused me to questions what I was doing in order to make this legacy possible. Am I actually living out these qualities or are they just something that I talk about? What can I be doing to exemplify these qualities on a daily basis?

After all of this thought on remembrance, the thing that I have gathered most from Florence is that remembrance is an active quality. The second we lose sight of the things worth remembering, they begin to go away. Artists don’t paint the things that they want to be temporary, they paint the things that they hope will outlast time. Similarly, we must try to exemplify the honorable qualities that we want to be remembered for in all situations, even when its difficult.

We rounded out Florence in the most beautiful way, listening to Madelyn and Griffin sing Rivers and Roads as we drifted down the river in a private gondola. This is a moment spent with people that I hope to never forget. CR11, thank you for making Florence so memorable.

All my love,


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