The Last Stop

Rome always seem so far away. It felt like we would never reach it. But, as we boarded the train from Florence it truly became real.

Coming on CR, I was always excited for Rome because I had just taken a class with Chloe about Roman culture and its influence. We learned a lot about Roman emperors and walking around, we saw a lot of what we learned in class. It is weird to think that what I saw in a PowerPoint in Fort Worth was right in front of me in Rome.

Rome has some great stops. A few of my favorites were Giolitti’s, Emma (a pizza place not me, this is were we celebrated gelato!), and the views from the top of Castel Sant’angelo. However, one of my favorite days in Rome was also our longest. We started off with an early visit to the Vatican. Walking through the museum and looking at all of the art collections from former Popes, it was amazing to see how much they had. Multiple rooms would be filled with just a small percentage of they collected over time. One of my favorite rooms was just a long hallway filled with massive tapestries. They each took numerous years to construct and the details in them were outstanding. There we similarly magnificent rooms filled with busts, maps, and other types of art. And that was all before we reached the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, which we’re both breathtaking to say the least.

Our next stop that day was the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Using her “magic” book, our guide was able to show us the before and after pictures of Rome. The damage done shock us every single time. I’m pretty sure I gasped whenever she flipped the page. Time can truly do a number on you.

Throughout the day, our guide kept calling Rome a lasagna. It is built on so many layers, which is most evident while walking around the Forum. You could clearly see a church built upon another church and buildings atop other buildings. Rome, I quickly realized, was just like the other members of Cultural Routes. They have many layers to each of them. And in our last stop and throughout the entirety of CR, we had all gotten to see each other layers.

The last stop was one for the books. Looking back, I could see all of the lasagna layers of my friends and could not be happier that they were on this experience with me.

Also a special shoutout to team Ghost Bird. Only the real ones believe.

Catch you later,

Emma, Queen of Gelato

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