“All in 24/7”

Hey pals!!! As I continue to work through and process the lessons of Cultural Routes, the concept that still sticks with me is the CR tradition of being “all in 24/7”. Before CR, this was a phrase that I honestly didn’t understand. In my mind, I couldn’t comprehend this idea because I viewed it as a broad term that could be taken 100 different directions, and that simply can’t be right. There has to be one simple way that this term is supposed to be interpreted, so I assumed that I was missing the point. What I did know is that this term is the common thread between CR alumni. It seemed to me like everyone who had been on CR before me had figured out how to give their all and be fully present in any situation that they may encounter. This was very admirable to me, and I wanted to figure out the secret recipe to being “all in 24/7”.

While on the experience, I made it my goal to examine this term and learn how I can live it out beyond my time on CR. It wasn’t until team Bravo (or at this point, team Vidi) came together for one final rendezvous in Rome that I finally realized that my original thought process wasn’t that far off. In our final moments as a group, we really squeezed every ounce of learning out of the all the situations we were in. Whether this was learning from a plaque at a museum, learning from a painting on the wall, or learning from the people we were learning with, our only goal had become to be intentionally connected to all that was currently happening around us.  It was during a conversation with my team in our favorite coffee shop where it finally hit me: being “all in 24/7” is exactly what I originally thought it was, a broad term that could be taken 100 different directions. Originally this is what made the term confusing, because I wanted one unchanging way to exemplify this term in my everyday life. I came to learn that simplification would limit this multifaceted motto.

To be “all in 24/7” means to be fully engaged and committed to whatever you are called to at any moment. Living this out comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes being “all in 24/7” means to forgo an extra hour of sleep to talk with some friends on a porch in Riomaggiore. Sometimes it means to spend another 30 minutes in a museum in Berlin to actually read all of the signs at the exhibits. And sometimes, it means taking in the view of the mountains staggering around you and letting yourself be completely swept away with emotion. “All in 24/7” will never look the same way twice, and that’s the beauty of it. I find it incredibly ironic that the very thing that confused me about this term at first is what I find the most comforting now that I have accepted its true meaning. 

CR11, thank you for being “all in 24/7” with me. You have shown me what it looks like to genuinely care for others in all situations simply by exemplifying this quality to me. You all inspire me daily, even when we are hundreds of miles apart. The love that you show me is just one of the many ways that you are “all in 24/7”.

All my love,


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