“I just feel like writing a poem.”

Simple yet profound, I wrote these words in my journal after the second day: “We stepped off the train into a village of rest. Taken by the surrounding majesty, how can one find within themselves an inclination toward stress? The lovely little flowers. The cute cows. The ridiculous views.”

Also in Interlaken, I wrote two poems about Interlaken’s role in helping our group grow together and the confidence the exploration gave me. I was afraid to share them then, but I thought they summed up our small intermission in Interlaken. They are nothing complex, just as our time in Switzerland was simple and relaxing and largely defined by interactions between nature and intellect.

Tunnel opens to a crisp mountain lake
Light crashes in
Gasps and exclamations of beauty fade into silence of awe
Train doors whoosh open
Mountain air swirls in
Suitcase wheels click along the street
A twenty minute walk, all silent
We have reached a place
Of charm
Of majesty
Of elegance
Of quiet
Of appreciation
No, not just me
But the group
We walk in silence
But communicate with wide eyes and wider smiles
Having explored war and death and dark intricacies of history
These new shared feelings make me
Feel whole
Feel loved
Feel peace
Feel bold
Feel both appreciative and appreciated

We soared above our earth
Not all the same way, but we flew
We strapped ourselves in and trusted fellow humans
We jumped or ran and began our descent
We did something we had never done before
But the real flying? That started long ago.
We began to fly when we said yes to a month of new
We rode subways, talked to foreigners
We became vulnerable to ideas of human brokenness
We trusted in the resilience of the human spirit
We decided to fly, not realizing that we had flown higher before
And we had learned to pilot our own flights

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