Growing Among the Wildflowers

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Since coming home from CR, the pictures of our journey throughout Europe have been vital in helping me remember and recount the experience to others. As I scroll through my camera roll or the blog posts, people always seem awed by our group in Switzerland and it is easy to understand why. The breathtaking landscape is inspiring to anyone who sees it. The pictures below are simply a few examples of the incredible scenery we got to experience.

Interlaken’s beauty provided the perfect backdrop and outlet for us to grow closer as a group. And that is what makes this city truly special. We spent time during those few exciting days in Switzerland getting to know each other better.

We truly began to support each other in new ways. We pushed each other out of our comfort zones and found excitement in taking that support of those around us and jumping through the sky. Whether it was skydiving, hang gliding or paragliding, we all saw the world from a new perspective. By doing something a little bit scary, we found the trust we could have in those around us.

Paragliding certainly isn’t as thrill inducing as skydiving, but then, I’m not always a thrill seeking person. For me, this was way out of my comfort zone, as taking on a new adventure (especially by myself) is something difficult for me. I found courage, however, in knowing that the people around me were brave, that they were there for me and that I would better myself by taking a leap of faith. So that’s what I did, and when I landed I felt bolder as a person. The incredible people on CR inspire me to be a better version of myself.

One of the most special moments for me in Interlaken was when the girls took the time to build a bouquet out of wildflowers to surprise me. They knew it was a special anniversary for me and they wanted me to feel supported and able to celebrate even if I was halfway across the world from home. For one of the first times, I truly felt the family of CR come to life. So thank you to all of the CR girls for making me feel truly loved.

Interlaken watched us grow as people. The long hikes through the Valley of 72 Waterfalls gave way to some wonderful group bonding time. The traditional fondue and impromptu yodeling concert gave us some laughs and joyous smiles. The nights spent in large groups in the hostel taught us that it is the little moments of being with each other that truly count.

We were a group in Interlaken- a group that supported, loved and learned with each other. We were starting to understand the most important concept of them all: our familia.

That’s all for Interlaken.

Till next time,


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